Financial vision and beyond !
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Blockchain-powered FINTECH 2.0 solution
Physical Gold-backed cryptocurrency / Innovative payment features / smart contract-based ad solutions
Towards the mass adoption of Distributed Ledger Technology !
ICO phase 1 starts in:
Gold Standard

The ERC20 utility Token we've created on the Ethereum Blockchain will be used within the Flashmoni's ecosystem.

We plan to go beyond buying bullion for backing the OZT. Due to our deep understanding of the yellow metal market, we realized that by setting up a Crowdsale we could obtain funds to directly operate mines, and therefore improve miner's working conditions, their lives and of the communities where they live.


Blockchain-based finance and remittance services

The Flash application (Flash App), which is available on Android and IOS, allows users to transfer funds, exchange money and make online payments. Our API also offers Merchants the opportunity to unlock the full potential of the services they supply.
Multi-currencies instant wire transfer, send money anywhere instantaneously, or withdraw to your Flash account at the cost of a local transaction, pay merchants with the OZTCARD linked to your wallet.
Exchange from one digital cryptocurrency to another, automatically and instantly for the best market price.
By using the mobile device as a payment solution, this technology will be useful for everyone, but even more in developing countries where a significant number of people don't have access to banking services and have to use money remittance services, such as Western Union or Moneygram, which charge expensive fees.
We work towards the mass adoption of Blockchain, including by the underbanked and unbanked people

At a FlashCryptostation (our own ATM), users can deposit cash into their Flash multi-currency wallet, buy cryptocurrencies, send money anywhere and order for the OZTCARD.
Blockchain-powered financial services are cheaper than electronic money services

To have the Blockchain technology becoming mainstream, especially when considering financial services, there has to be a solution to the problem of cryptocurrencies instability. Volatility is good for cryptocurrency traders, who profit from price instability, but instability simply discourages every other person from using cryptocurrencies.

Our project solves this problem.


The first all-in-one
card bridging digital & real world.

Tokenization & Anti-theft protections

Multiple Payment cards

Integrates several debit and credit cards. Compatible with existing structure. Holds wallets and cryptocurrencies.

Money transfer

Possibility of instant money transfers between peers using their wallet accounts.

Anti-theft Protections


switches to protection mode when it loses BLE connection with the user's mobile phone.

Global Loyalty Card

Integrates several loyalty program cards which collect points / provide discounts every time


is used for payments.
Module integrating a
banking chip
Switch button
Multi-currencies and
cryptocurrencies wallet
Rechargeable battery




With each advertising dollar yielding only $0.44 of value, every CMO knows that their companies are overpaying to advertise their products. To help increase value derived from each advertising dollar, we offer advertising services built into three packages. We also offer a special feature called the FlashAdchain, a Blockchain-powered advertising solution created to solve many of digital advertising’s problems including fraud and lack of transparency in the real-time bidding (RTB) market.


STAGE 1 - Operational strategy
Running on Q4 2017

Web content (web design, logo, bounty promotion)
Legal structure and legal framework
Advisory Board Selection
Development of OZT token on top of Ethereum (ERC20)
Ambassador Affiliate Program
Marketing promotion (blockchain meeting event, mixers)

STAGE 2 - Ignition
Running on Q1 2018

PR campaign strategy
Licenses Application
Pre-ICO and ICO phase I big Event
OZT Listing on exchanges platform
Execution plan
Development of our private Blockchain

STAGE 3 - Market place
Running on Q2 2018

Launch of OZTCARD
Launch of FlashWallet, FlashXchanger, FlashRemitt (remittance services in Europe, Africa & Asia) and Flashmoni Apps
Testing FlashCryptostation ATM
Business development in Europe, Asia & Middle East
PR Campaign Strategy
ICO phase II

STAGE 4 - Expansion
Running on Q3 2018

Launch of new markets in North & South America and Russia
Launch of OZblock powered browser extension
Business growth strategies in mature markets
FlashCryptostation deployment
B2B expansion strategy

STAGE 5 - Cruising speed
Running on Q4 2018

Launch of key mature and emerging markets
Portfolio Expansion
Development of OZT Community
Security & QA

STAGE 6 - Worldwide development of FLASHMONI solution
Running on 2019-2021

Full functionality of FlashAdchain ecosystem
FlashCryptoStation worldwide deployment
OZTCARD worldwide deployment strategy
PR Campaign Strategy


The number of Flashmoni's Token (OZT) will be strictly limited

Ambassador sale

Minimum Amount: free

Maximum Amount: 400 000 OZT

Bonus: Ambassador Program guide

Start date: 1 November 2020

End date: 20 January 2021

Token sales cap: 730 million OZT

Currency accepted: ETH/BTC

Exchange rate: 1 OZT = $0.13


Minimum Amount: 1000 OZT

Maximum Amount: Unlimited

Bonus: up to 30%*

Start date: 20 January 2021

End date: 31 January 2021

Token sales cap: 730 million OZT

Currency accepted: ETH/BTC

Exchange rate: 1 OZT = $0.13

ICO phase 1

Minimum Amount: 1000 OZT

Maximum Amount: 1 million OZT

Bonus: Up to 10%*

Start date: 10 February 2021

End date: 10 March 2021

Token sales cap: 730 million OZT

Currency accepted: ETH/BTC

Exchange rate: 1 OZT = $0.13


70 % of the OZT will be sold to the community. The money raised will be distributed as follows:

70% bullion purchase for the

backing of Flashmoni's OZT

30 % dedicated to Flashmoni

ecosystem deployment


8 % Flashmoni's Development
70 % sold to the community during ICO
10 % community / bounties

7 % Team motivation

packages, founders

5 % Earlybird investors,

advisors and partners

Our partners

Flashmoni: a Crypto Banking Solution on the Rise

People often pit crypto and fiat currencies against each other. However, that’s not necessarily the case. Fintechs like Flashmoni prove that blockchain technology can work in conjunction with traditional finance to offer a more accessible, well-rounded banking solution to all.

Flashmoni: an Introduction

Flashmoni is an innovative fintech ecosystem that utilises blockchain technology to help customers handle their finances digitally.

This company enables users to make different kinds of online payments through its Flash App. For example, they can use the app to pay for goods and services, send money to friends and family, or exchange money.

Flashmoni works via a Flash Wallet that you can use to make the transactions mentioned above. The wallet supports a number of different currencies and uses local transaction commission rates. As a result, it might present a cost-effective alternative to third-party payment systems that charge higher fees.

In addition, its FlashRemit feature helps people in remote areas with poor banking infrastructure get access to essential financial services.

At the same time, the Flash App can convert one cryptocurrency into another. It relies on its blockchain mechanism to find the most beneficial conversion rates, essentially delivering the performance of a top-tier DEX from your smartphone.

OZT Cards & ATMs

Besides its digital services, Flashmoni has also developed physical solutions to help improve the financial infrastructure in underbanked regions. Most notably, these include the FlashCryptostations and OZTCards.

The FlashCryptostation is this fintech’s proprietary ATM. The company hopes to facilitate financial operations and provide a network of ATMs people can use to manage and access their funds. The FlashCryptostation is an excellent example of incorporating cryptocurrency solutions into our daily lives.

In addition, the company also offers its own card — the OZTCard. You can use it to combine existing bank and payment services accounts. By linking them to your Flash Wallet, you can use all of those funds with your OZTCard.

What’s more, because the OZTCard supports cryptocurrencies as well, you can also use your crypto balance when making payments with Flashmoni’s debit card.

According to Flashmoni, the OZTCard is more secure than other credit or debit cards because it needs to maintain a connection to your mobile phone. So if you lose your card and someone else gets a hold of it, they will not be able to use it.

The card also has its own rewards system. The more clients use it, the more points they accumulate that can be redeemed for various benefits.

The Tech Behind Flashmoni

The Flashmoni ecosystem of decentralised apps is built entirely on Ethereum. This blockchain network has proven time and again to be one of the most reliable ways to build dApps and other DeFi solutions, including Flashmoni.

As a result, the native cryptocurrency of Flashmoni is an ERC-20 token. Its primary use is to offer governance rights over the Flash ecosystem and allow staking and other functions for crypto enthusiasts.

How Is Flashmoni Different?

With so many cryptocurrencies out there, you’re bound to wonder what makes Flashmoni special. You’re in luck because we have uncovered the answer: this crypto is backed by gold.

Indeed, Flashmoni uses physical gold bullions to back its stock. That keeps unruly inflation at bay and also stabilises the value of its native token. In other words, Flashmoni is characterised by lower volatility and risk compared to many other cryptocurrencies.

But instead of just purchasing gold, the Flashmoni project has taken the process one step further. The fintech behind this crypto has purchased gold mines that it operates directly. In this way, the company has a say in how each mine works. The company claims that it uses its profit and influence to improve the working conditions in gold mines and reduce the environmental impact of mining.

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